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Did you know there are over cne billion people on Facebook worldwide? That is roughly 1/7th of the world Population all on a media platform that you can be seen on. 600 Million people are now using Instagram for a visual experience. We all know the saying “A picture speaks a 1000 words”. The new way to look at this saying is a picture can reach a 1000 eyes, so you can now literally have a picture speaking 1 Million words with Social media outlets. So what are you doing to make your presence known on social media?  We live in a digital age where we can connect to almost anyone on the planet at the speed of light. Out of 7.4 billion people, 1.7 billion of them use the  Google search engine in one day. 1.8 billion people are using  Youtube every month for their video content. If a picture says a million words, imagine what a video can do if crafted well?  The technologies for communication are mind-boggling, to say the least. This also allows everyone to have access to a tool with the ability to generate an income.

 I can help teach you how to make passive income streams

  I won’t bore you with more statistics and get to the heart of our conversation. Since I was young, I loved solving problems. Seeing analytical data through experimentation is enjoyable for me as I can see progress in the solutions I implement.  Science has always interested me and the physics of energy transitioning from one state of existence to another. Probably more important than how much of a geek I am is that I have made it my life's purpose to help people.  I have been able to successfully build a bridge between people who have problems, to people with a solution to those problems. It occurred to me that many businesses or people starting a business had very little online presence besides a website and a little  SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

 How I can help you

 I started an E-commerce that sells physical products. The store is called  Ebisu Front, which helps educate more geeks like me, using apparel and household goods.  I built out every part of this store and it now generates a modest passive income. It was made using a popular E-commerce website platform called  Shopify which I highly recommend. I was on a quest to learn more and discovered several mentors who were willing to teach me.  With the experience, I gained from my and the mentorship of some of the best in the industry, I started seeing my success rate increase exponentially.

This book was the catalyst for my success

  The art of marketing suddenly didn’t seem so sales pitchy, but rather a means to provide value to people lives and solving problems. This is why I only get behind products/services that I would be happy to use myself or recommend to others. I care far too much about the quality of service over quantity of clients. When I started to use  ClickFunnels a world of opportunity opened up for me and my business. I no longer had to build a plain looking  Wordpress site. Instead, I could design a funnel to guide people through to find the best product/service for personal need.

I have helped several of my clients achieve 10-30 times grown rate on there leads. This has allowed them a high return on ads spent and total return on investment.  Perhaps you want to grow your business without having to learn all the marketing secrets? I am the Founder of Conscious Energies Marketing Agency and will be happy to assist you in customizing a strategy for your business.

 I will guide you on your journey to financial freedom

 If you are starting a business, want to get a message out, or looking for a way to generate a passive income, I suggest looking into Click Funnels 14-Day Free Trial. I am always looking to network with more entrepreneurs and people passionate about making money online. Register right now and we can set up a Free 30-minute screen share call. On this call, I can help guide you on the pieces you are missing to gain leads and make online sales.

I look forward to talking with you and in the meantime, make every present moment the best you possibly can!

Warm regards,

Diadon Acs 



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